5th Semester project at KADK

The idea for the urban plan is inspired by the conversation with the local people of Akkiri, the site of the project. I was told that a little park was created by the local society because they have no spaces to meet. I have observed this myself, as people were sitting at random places on the street. 

Therefore, the vision of the urban plan is to create more public and green spaces for the area. The city plan is based on the human scale, and creates green spaces with different levels and variations in privacy. By organizing the new area in a new way, it is possible to keep the plot ratio as high as in the surrounding area and accommodate the demand for new residential and retail areas. As part of the project I studied projects as Le Corbusier’s Immeuble Clarté and Unité d’Habitation, and the theories of MVRDV’s FARMAX, which is discussing the possibility of making a city in the forest.