4th Semester project at KADK

Østerbro Residence is a residential project located in central Copenhagen. The housing block consists of 111 apartments of varying sizes, small retail and a café at the ground level. A surrounding square covered by white ceramic tiles faces an old sports arena and a park. The tiles continue onto the façade of the ground floor allowing the house to rise as a continuation of the square. The remaining building is made in white concrete. 

The project is inspired by the classical Copenhagen housing block with a symmetric facade and an enclosing courtyard. To accommodate the needs of modern residents, this housing block has several different kinds of apartments covering one or two stories. The diversity of apartment designs is visible on the inner façade, where the apartments shoot into the courtyard creating terraces and separate entrances for apartments. The outer façade regular grid hides that the underlying balconies, windows and French balconies which are revealed by the variations in light and shadow.